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Schick made-to-measure … city hotel with restaurant

Sightseeing is as thrilling as tiring

“Being a tourist” can be a rather exhausting activity. Strolling around the whole day, you see, experience and walk a lot. In the late afternoon you return to the hotel all exhausted, take off your shoes and just fall on the bed. 

The feet and shoulders hurt, the eyes are full of impressions. You take a shower and wash off the tourism-traces and slowly your belly starts to make itself felt – hunger! 

Perfect conditions in the city hotels with restaurant
Thomas Kahlhofen, Restaurant Manager of Schick Hotels

A city hotel with a good restaurant is a great thing 

You could go to the reception desk, ask for restaurant recommendations, try to book a table and then get the directions as well – and then again walking and trying to find the way! 

Or – you can stay at a city hotel with restaurant like ours and just stay “at home”! That's Schick made-to-measure

Traditional, hearty or awarded cuisine – the right offer for every palate 

Fancy awarded cuisine with a touch of Spain like at Das Schick – our restaurant at Hotel Am Parkring - the only 4-star hotel in Vienna with a restaurant awarded with 3 toques - or would you prefer traditional Austrian pub cuisine like at Wiener Wirtschaft at Hotel Erzherzog Rainer – no matter where you go, you will like it.

At Hotel Stefanie we offer traditional, down-to-earth cuisine at the eponymous restaurant, it leaves nothing to be desired. A light dinner in our cosy courtyard garden will stay with you for a long time and your feet will be grateful for it. 

After a good night's sleep and the marvellous breakfast buffet you are then ready for the next thrilling sightseeing day in Vienna. 

Book your table at the restaurant …

„Stefanie“ in Hotel Stefanie

„Das Schick“ in Hotel am Parkring

„Wiener Wirtschaft“ in Hotel Erzherzog Rainer

Erzherzog Rainer
Am Parkring
City Central
Das Schick
Wiener Wirtschaft