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Attractions & sights in Vienna

The Vienna Schick Hotel's tips for sightseeing in Vienna

Schick Hotels Vienna have summarised a practical guide for attractions & sights in Vienna for you below. You can start planning your sightseeing in Vienna comfortably from home. With the centrally located Schick Hotels in Vienna it is never far to your favourite attraction in the Austrian capital. Enjoy your holidays in Vienna, Austria, to the fullest and let the privately run Schick Hotels be your guide as well as your holiday haven.


As you can see it is never far to the famous attractions & sights in Vienna, no matter which Vienna Schick Hotel you should opt for. Book your room at one of the five centrally located Schick Hotels in Vienna online now and start your holidays in Vienna refreshed and relaxed.

Erzherzog Rainer
Am Parkring
City Central
Das Schick
Wiener Wirtschaft