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Monarchic Charm in Hungary

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, was once a part of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Habsburg monarchy. Many landmarks of the divided city on the Danube have their origin in this period.

Budapest is situated on both sides of the Danube: In Buda (right bank) there is the medieval castle and the historic castle quarter. In Pest there is the modern city centre. The Danube forms three bigger islands in the city area of Budapest: Obudai-Sziget, Margit-Sziget and Csepel-Sziget. In all, 9 impressive bridges stretch across the 30 km-long course of the river in the city area. Our tip: Take your time and visit one of the roughly 80 hot water springs and 11 spas in Budapest.

Budapest is reachable from Vienna within 2.5 hours by car or bus, as well as by train or – most comfortable of all – on the Danube via boat.

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