High above the rooftops of Vienna

Smoking in the Schick restaurants

A smoker's life is not as easy as it used to be

The European indoor-smoking bill gets stricter and stricter and restaurant owners are constantly challenged to offer their smoking guests a convenient alternative. 

Panoramic view over the rooftops of Vienna
Smoker's terrace at restaurant "Das Schick" in Vienna

The Schick hotels and restaurants have thought about this a lot and have been looking for possibilities to offer smoking guests an appropriate ambience. 

Every smoking guest should feel at home

Because all buildings have to be smoke-free, it is time to create cosy outdoor places in order to keep smokers our guests.

All guests, smokers or non-smokers, should feel at home at our restaurants Stefanie, Das Schick and Wiener Wirtschaft and not get in each other's ways.

Although the restaurant Das Schick is generally a non-smoking venue, we offer an attractive alternative for smokers. 

A smokers' terrace with panoramic views 

Above Das Schick restaurant at the hotel Am Parkring on the 12th floor you will find a wonderful smokers' terrace with views over Vienna. Take your digestive up to the terrace, enjoy your cigar or cigarette after your meal and take in the views over the impressive skyline of Vienna's city centre. 

But also the Schick restaurants Stefanie and Wiener Wirtschaft offer smoker's locations:

Coffee and cigarette at Hofgarten 

At Hotel Stefanie's restaurant we also offer a place for smokers. The green and roofed courtyard impresses with its wonderfully breezy and yet cosy atmosphere and makes for a great place to indulge in a cigarette. 

A cigarillo in the garden 

Wiener Wirtschaft, Hotel Erzherzog Rainer's restaurant, offers its guest the opportunity to smoke in the restaurant's garden. 

Make a reservation for a table at the Restaurant “Das Schick”. 

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