Taste Vienna's history

A Taste of Imperial Vienna

Enjoy history the culinary way

'A Taste of Imperial Vienna' will lead you to a culinary expedition through the former Crown lands of the Austrian monarchy, garnished with insights onto the history of Viennese cuisine.

Through these 7 delicacies you’ll get familiar with Viennese cuisine:

  • Veal goulash with Salzstangerl
  • Homemade beef broth with pancake strips and 'Kaiserschöberl'
  • Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad
  • Tafelspitz with classic side dishes - roast potatoes, apple horseradish and chive sauce
  • Powidltascherln (plum pockets)
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Kaiserschmarren

Including Ottakringer Pils, a glass of Austrian wine and a Viennese Melange. In addition you'll receive a 'historic souvenir' as our special thank you!

The old Viennese culinary grand tour:

'A Taste of Imperial Vienna': Taste tradition for € 58.00 per person and book your own journey through Imperial Vienna now!

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