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Your overview on seminar rooms at Schick Hotels

Safety during your Seminar / Event in Vienna

We attach great importance to your safety & therefore we  have high safety and hygiene standards at your events.

  • At least 1 meter distance when seating between people outside of the household
  • Participants are required to wear an FFP2 mask
  • Participants provide proof of a COVID vaccination, a negative COVID test or confirmation that they have recovered from COVID for the duration of the seminar / event
  • Disinfectants are in all public areas
  • All rooms are regularly disinfected
  • Adequate ventilation through highly efficient ventilation systems and / or windows
  • Regulation of visitor flows
  • 2 Covid-19 officers in-house
  • Catering during breaks: pre-portioned meals are consumed in the seminar room
  • Stay Safe Seal
  • The conference organizer is obliged to provide a list of participants for up to 10 people.
    If more than 11this list of the participants must be submitted informally to the district administrative authority by e-mail to, at least 1 week before the event is starting.
For more information, see Schick Hotel Hygiene Standards
U-shape table
Outer and inner
U-shape table
ConferenceParliament /
Theatre /
(Hotel Erzherzog Rainer)
30 40 30 32 50
El Panorama
(Hotel Am Parkring)
20 36 24 27 36
(Hotel Stefanie)
16 -- 20 16 20
(Hotel Stefanie)
-- -- 16 -- --
(Hotel Stefanie)
32 42 30 72 120

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