Indulgence meets comfort

Pavement café

‘Auf da Gassn’ – the Viennese style pavement café

Wiener Wirtschaft, the friendly restaurant in the 4th district of Vienna, charms in summer with a nice Schanigarten (pavement café) directly in front of the restaurant. 

Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft in 4th district
Comfortable garden café at Wiener Wirtschaft

Here you can enjoy the sun while having lunch, and dine, drink and meet friends in the evening. Look forward to a typical Schanigarten with Viennese flair.

What does a Schanigarten owe its name to? According to legend, in former times there existed in many Viennese restaurants a co-worker called Schani – Viennese for Johann. When the sun appeared the inn-keeper said: ‘Schani, set up the tables and the chairs outside!’. Since then a guest area in front of a restaurant has had its vernacular name Schanigarten.

You want to enjoy Viennese cuisine under the open sky? Make your reservation at the Wiener Wirtschaft and simply ask for a table at the "Schanigarten".

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