Indulgence meets comfort

Traditional Viennese restaurant cuisine

‘Just like at home’ – real Viennese cuisine

A freshly fried Schnitzel, a delicious Tafelspitz, a spicy Goulash – the“Wiener Wirtshaus” cuisine offers numerous culinary specialties that excel by balancing authenticity with refinement.

The typical Viennese Wirtshaus (=tavern) boasts a long tradition: Already in the Middle Ages people socialized in earthy rooms over food and drink. Also later on, during the monarchy, exotic cuisine wasn’t what people expected from a restaurant. The Viennese preferred dishes prepared ‘wia z haus’ – like at home. So the art of Viennese Hausmannskost (plain fare) has developed and is still offered in Viennese restaurants.

Viennese flair at Wiener Wirtschaft
Viennese Inn ambience

Also wine and beer belong, no doubt, to the Wirtshaus culture. A ‘G’spritzter’ (wine with water) and a ‘Seidl’ (0,33 l beer) are the most popular beverages in a genuine Viennese restaurant.

Wiener Wirtschaft has devoted itself to the tradition of Wirtshaus cuisine but presents itself quite differently from typical restaurants. This bright, friendly and air-conditioned restaurant is not at all a dark ‘dive’ but a modernrestaurant with traditional furniture. In brief: an ambience for simply feeling good.

You can make a reservation at Wiener Wirtschaft conveniently online.

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